Can Children and Teens Take the COVID-19 Vaccine?enparents COVID-19 vaccines become available, here are some questions many parents have. 2019-nCoV, coronavirus, COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019, novel, coronavirus vaccine, covid vaccine, immune to covid, vaccinations, immunizations, pfizer, moderna, astrazeneca12/15/202012/21/202012/21/2020Neil G. Rellosa, MD and Craig A. Shapiro, MD12/13/2020b857ab4b-f4e9-401e-a777-50ccddefe700<p>So far, the <a href="">COVID-19</a> vaccine is recommended only for people 16 and older. It's not yet approved for children younger than that. That's because the first safety trials didn't include younger age groups. As safety trials continue, researchers will know more about whether the vaccine is safe and works well in younger age groups. You can find the latest vaccine information by checking the <a href="">CDC's website</a>.</p> <p>Doctors, nurses, and health workers are taking the vaccine already. Soon it will be available for the general public. When it is, healthy people over age 16 can take it. Experts predict that will happen by spring 2021.</p> <p>So what's the best way to protect your family? Keep doing the things you're already doing:</p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Wear a <a href="">mask</a>.</li> <li>Stay at least <a href="">6 feet away</a> from people you don't live with.</li> <li>Avoid crowds.</li> <li><a href="">Wash your hands</a> well and often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.</li> <li>Try not to touch your nose, mouth, or eyes unless you know your hands are clean.</li> </ul>¿Pueden los niños y adolescentes recibir la vacuna contra el COVID-19?Aquí encontrará algunas preguntas que podrían tener los padres ahora que la vacuna contra el COVID-19 está disponible.
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