Coronavirus (COVID-19): Questions & Answers About Vaccinesenparents COVID-19 vaccines become available, here are some questions many parents have. 2019-nCoV, coronavirus, COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019, novel, coronavirus vaccine, covid vaccine, immune to covid, vaccinations, immunizations, pfizer, moderna, astrazeneca12/15/202005/26/202105/26/2021Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD05/15/202113a2b958-1395-4dd8-95c3-5e86f9f9f467<h4>Q. Can kids get a COVID-19 vaccine?</h4> <p>A. Yes. COVID-19 vaccines are now available for kids 12 and older. Studies are under way to see if the vaccines are safe and effective in children younger than 12.</p> <h4>Q. Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for kids?</h4> <p>A. So far, all studies done in kids show that <a href="">COVID-19</a> vaccines are very safe. A vaccine goes through intensive testing before people can get it. Over 1 million US kids are fully vaccinated already, with no serious safety concerns identified.</p> <h4>Q. What side effects can COVID-19 vaccines cause?</h4> <p>A. Like many vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines can cause mild side effects, like a sore arm, body aches, <a href="">headache</a>, a <a href="">fever</a>, or tiredness for a day or two. These are signs that the <a href="">immune system</a> is responding to the vaccine and building immunity to the <a href="">virus</a>. They're not a cause for concern.</p> <h4>Q. Could a person get COVID-19 from a COVID-19 vaccine?</h4> <p>A. No, people can't get COVID-19 from a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccines contain a piece of genetic material from the coronavirus, and not the whole virus. So people who get a vaccine can't develop COVID-19 from it.</p> <h4>Q. Can a woman get a COVID-19 vaccine if she is pregnant or breastfeeding?</h4> <p>A. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can get a COVID-19 vaccine. While the original studies did not include women who were pregnant or breastfeeding, experts believe that the vaccines are likely safe for them based on how the vaccines work. Talk to your doctor to see if the vaccine is right for you.</p> <h4>Q. Is it safe for someone to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they've already had COVID-19?</h4> <p>A. Yes, a person can and should get a vaccine even if they have had COVID-19. There are no known risks to getting the vaccine after being infected with coronavirus. Because we don't know how long a person's immunity will last after they get infected, it's important to get the vaccine too.</p> <h4>Q. Can kids (12 and up) get the COVID vaccine at the same time as their annual immunizations?</h4> <p>A. Yes. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports kids getting <a href="">routine immunizations</a> at the same time they get a COVID-19 vaccine. This is especially important if kids missed getting some vaccines during the pandemic.</p>¿Pueden los niños y adolescentes recibir la vacuna contra el COVID-19?Aquí encontrará algunas preguntas que podrían tener los padres ahora que la vacuna contra el COVID-19 está disponible.
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