Coronavirus (COVID-19) and School: Planning for Hybrid In-Person and Remote Learningenparents schools will use a hybrid plan for part or all the coming school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a combination of in-person learning and remote, back to school, schools and coronavirus, schools and covid, can kids go to school during coronavirus pandemic, school in 2020, home schooling, distance learning, remote learning, no school, electronic classes, remote classes, in school, 2019-nCoV, coronavirus, COVID-19, coronavirus disease 2019, novel, Wuhan, corona, face masks, face coverings, 2019 novel coronavirus, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, CDC, WHO, SARS, MERS, respiratory symptoms, dry cough, difficulty breathing, breathing trouble, fever, 2019-nCoV infection,infections, infectious, outbreaks, epidemics, pneumonia, short of breath, incubation period, contagious, pediatric, pediatrician, handwashing, hand washing, 2019 Novel Coronavirus, respiratory droplets, coronavirus in usa, coronavirus update, pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, MIS-C08/11/202008/11/202008/11/2020Michelle M. Karten, MD08/10/2020abec0f2d-3b6d-42b9-bd04-6d9d8f3ec3bb<p>Some schools will use a <strong>hybrid plan</strong> for part or all the coming school year because of the <a href="">COVID-19</a> pandemic. This is a mix of in-person learning and remote (online) learning. Make a plan now so your family is ready.</p> <p>Getting ready for <a href="">remote learning</a> means making sure you have things like:</p> <ul> <li>reliable internet access</li> <li>software and other learning programs</li> <li>a connected device</li> <li>a good place with limited distractions where your child can learn</li> </ul> <p>Being ready to go back to school for <a href="">in-person learning</a> can mean:</p> <ul> <li>updating kids' <a href="">immunizations</a></li> <li>buying school supplies</li> <li>getting safety supplies, like <a href="">masks</a> and hand sanitizer</li> </ul> <p>As you figure out what your school's plan means for your family, try to:</p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Keep the schedule on remote learning days similar to the schedule on in-person school days.</li> <li>During remote learning, have lunch together and schedule a family walk, jog, or bike ride at the time your child usually has recess or gym.</li> <li>Remind your child that remote learning days are not days off. Make sure your child does the expected work.</li> </ul> <h3>What Else Should I Know?</h3> <p>If COVID-19 cases rise in your community or happen at school, schools may turn to full-time remote learning for a time. Have a back-up plan ready so you can more easily switch to this, if it happens.</p>Coronavirus (COVID-19) y la escuela: Organizarse para combinar el aprendizaje presencial con el aprendizaje a distancia Algunas escuelas seguirán un plan combinado para parte o la totalidad del próximo curso escolar debido a la pandemia del COVID-19. Se trata de combinar el aprendizaje presencial con el aprendizaje a distancia (o en línea). Organícense las cosas para que su familia esté bien preparada.
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