How Can I Help My Child Cooperate While Using the Nebulizer?enparents are often used with young children because they require little effort on the child's part. But kids do need to stay in one place and cooperate. If you're having trouble giving treatments, this article is for you!nebulizer, nebulizers, using a nebulizer, electric nebulizer, battery-operated nebulizer, battery-powered nebulizer, helping my child using a nebulizer, babies and nebulizers, toddlers and nebulizers, young children and nebulizers, difficulty using nebulizer, asthma, asthma medication, asthma medications, asthma medicine, asthma medicines, face masks, face mask, nebulizers and face masks, using face masks, using nebulizer face masks, CD1Asthma09/30/200404/12/201804/12/2018Aledie A. Navas, MD03/13/2018f12a0e3f-a976-4f01-9853-b211066d6381<h3>How Can I Help My Child Use a Nebulizer?</h3> <p>Sometimes babies and little kids have trouble getting <a href="">asthma</a> treatments with a <a href="">nebulizer</a>. Kids need to sit still for 15 to 20 minutes while they breathe in the medicine. Anyone with a young child knows just how hard that can be!</p> <p>These tips can help make treatment time go smoothly:</p> <ul class="kh_longline_list"> <li>Make it part of your daily routine. Use the nebulizer at the same time (or times) each day, so your child knows to expect it.</li> <li>Give treatment time a special name, like &quot;breathe better time.&quot; Try to make it fun — read stories, sing songs, or pull out special toys just during nebulizer time.</li> <li>Watch a show together.</li> <li>Let your child decorate the nebulizer machine with stickers.</li> <li>Try having your child sit in a highchair. If that doesn't work, your little one might opt for sitting on your lap.</li> <li>For a squirmy baby, try using the nebulizer when your child is sleeping.</li> <li>If your child is afraid of the mask, you can talk about how it's a &quot;pilot mask&quot; or a &quot;space mask.&quot; You might even show a movie about pilots or astronauts and use some of the lingo like &quot;start your engines&quot; before you turn the nebulizer on. You also can buy masks shaped like dragons and other animals.</li> <li>If your child is old enough, have him or her help you put the mask on, hold the tubing, and turn the machine on.</li> <li>Praise your child for a job well done! You also might give a small &quot;prize&quot; (like stickers or a simple toy) to reward your child for cooperating.</li> </ul> <div class="rs_skip rs_preserve"> <!-- TinyMCE Fix --> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> </div> <h3>What Else Should I Know?</h3> <p>It's important to follow the directions for giving treatments exactly as prescribed.</p> <p>Kids who don't cooperate, don't keep the mask or mouthpiece snugly on their face, or who cry during treatment may not get a proper dose of their medicine. This can make an asthma <a href="">flare-up</a> more likely.</p> <p>That's why keeping your child happy and calm is important for successful nebulizer treatments.</p> <p>If none of these techniques work for you, talk to your pediatrician or pulmonologist .</p>¿Cómo puedo conseguir que mi hijo coopere a la hora de utilizar el nebulizador?Un nebulizador es un dispositivo electrónico que funciona con corriente eléctrica pilas o baterías que sirve para transformar el medicamento para el asma de su hijo en un vapor o partículas muy finas a fin de que su hijo lo inhale a través de los pulmones. Los nebulizadores se suelen utilizar con niños pequeños porque requieren poco esfuerzo por parte del niño.
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