Caring for Your Child's Teeth (Video)enparents oral health starts even before your child's first tooth comes in. Learn how to instill good habits that will last a lifetime.teeth, oral health, oral hygiene, brush teeth, brushing teeth, baby teeth, caring for baby teeth, caring for child's teeth, how to brush teeth, when to brush teeth, toothpaste, floss09/23/201912/17/201912/17/2019f8ff087a-52eb-4ff4-98e0-b43e20478aa5<p>Good oral health starts even before your child's first tooth comes in. Learn to <a href="">keep your child's teeth healthy</a> from infancy and beyond.</p> <div class="rs_skip rs_preserve"><!-- TinyMCE Fix --> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> </div>El cuidado de los dientes de su hijo (Video)Una buena salud oral comienza incluso antes de que salga el primer diente de su hijo. Aprenda a mantener los dientes de su hijo sanos desde la infancia.
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Your Kid's Teeth's how to keep those choppers healthy!kh:age-babyZeroToOnekh:age-bigKidSixToTwelvekh:age-preschoolerThreeToFivekh:age-toddlerOneToThreekh:clinicalDesignation-dentistrykh:genre-videokh:primaryClinicalDesignation-generalPediatricsYour Kid's Teeth