How Can I Comfort My Baby During Shots?enparents out what the experts have to say.shots, immunizations, immunize, vaccines, vaccinate, inoculate, innoculations, baby, infant, toddler, preschooler, fear of shots, fear of, afraid of, ease fear, discomfort, scared, doctor's office, checkup, check up, routine immunization, shots, immunized, vaccinations, injections, syringes, 5 s'd, swaddle, swaddling, swaddled, sucking, shushing, soothing, swinging, comfort a baby, comforting a baby09/20/201203/21/201803/21/2018Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD03/15/2018c99bdd31-450e-4add-b5a9-707c8bd6d270<p><em>My baby cries uncontrollably when she gets a shot. How can I make the experience easier for her?</em><br /> <em>&ndash; Kate</em></p> <p>Getting shots can be tough on you and your child, but the <a href="">benefits</a> are worth the effort. Fortunately, you can do a few things to make the experience less painful and stressful.</p> <p>If your daughter is a newborn or under 5 months old, try a method called the "5 S's" immediately after she gets a vaccine. These are:</p> <ol> <li><strong><em>swaddling</em></strong> <em>immediately</em> after the shot. You also can swaddle (wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket like a "burrito") before the shot, but leave your baby's legs exposed for the vaccination.</li> <li>placing her on her <strong><em>side</em></strong> or <strong><em>stomach</em></strong></li> <li>making <strong><em>shushing</em></strong> sounds in her ear</li> <li><strong><em>swinging</em></strong> her in your arms or an infant swing</li> <li>giving her the opportunity to <strong><em>suck</em></strong> (whether through breastfeeding, a bottle, or a pacifier)</li> </ol> <p>Research has shown that doing at least 4 of the 5 S's greatly reduces the amount of time infants cry after getting a shot. If you're OK with breastfeeding your daughter at the doctor's office (to fulfill the sucking recommendation), this alone can be an effective method of distracting your baby and calming her down. You might even be able to do it while your child gets the vaccine.</p> <p>In some situations, a sugar water solution may be available. Dipping a pacifier into this solution, then giving it to a fussy baby may help soothe the child.</p> <p>Before and after the shot is given, try applying gentle pressure and rubbing the skin around the injection site. This massage may prevent the area from feeling so painful.</p> <p>For an older baby or a toddler, swaddling or shushing might not work. Try letting your child sit on your lap during the shot and distract her with a toy, book, or song. Try not to look upset or concerned. Children can pick up on a parent's anxiety, and it can make them anxious as well.</p> <p>If your child has pain at the site where the shot was given or develops a&nbsp;fever and feels sick, speak to your child's doctor about giving medicine such as <a href="">acetaminophen</a> or <a href="">ibuprofen</a> to relieve symptoms.</p> <p>Also, don't forget to praise your child afterward. A little positive reinforcement can make the next trip to the doctor easier. Try to do something fun after the appointment. A trip to the park or playground can make the day's memories happier ones.</p>¿Cómo puedo tranquilizar a mi bebé mientras le ponen inyecciones?Las inyecciones pueden ser difíciles de soportar tanto para usted como para su hijo, pero las ventajas que aportan compensan con creces el esfuerzo.
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