Asthma: Parents Talk (Video)enparents what parents have to say about raising kids with asthma.asthma, living with asthma, asma, diagnosed with asthma, parents talk, personal story, stories, dealing with asthma, asthma action plan, kids, teens, babies, controller medications, rescue medications, medicine, asthma drug, raising child with asthma, support for, asthmatics, trouble breathing, difficulty breathing, asthma attack, movie, video, CD1Asthma04/07/201102/13/201702/13/201706b5519b-7d09-4101-9f9e-79273b480945<p>Parents of kids with asthma &mdash; from toddlers to teens &mdash; share accounts of how they live with asthma each day.</p> <div class="rs_skip rs_preserve"><!-- TinyMCE Fix --> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> </div>
Asthma Action PlanUse this printable sheet to help reduce or prevent flare-ups and emergency department visits through day-to-day management of your child's asthma.
Asthma CenterAsthma keeps more kids home from school than any other chronic illness. Learn how to help your child manage the condition, stay healthy, and stay in school.
Asthma MovieTake a look inside a person's lungs when asthma is making it hard to breathe.
Asthma TriggersTriggers — things in the air, weather conditions, or activities — can cause asthma flare-ups. By knowing and avoiding triggers, you'll help lessen your child's asthma symptoms.
Asthma-Safe HomesHere's steps to remove or minimize triggers at home that cause asthma flare-ups.
Dealing With Asthma TriggersFind out what can make your asthma worse, and what to do about it.
Managing AsthmaAsthma control can take a little time and energy to master, but it's worth the effort. Learn more about ways to manage your child's asthma.
Your House: How to Make It Asthma-SafeIf you have asthma, you want to breathe easy at home. Find out how in this article for kids.
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