Make a Plan!

You want to make a change. But how do you stick with it until you reach your goal? You make a plan.

This planner guides you through the steps needed to map out your goal. When you're done, you can print your plan or email it to yourself.

To protect your privacy, we can't save your answers. We suggest you work through the plan from start to finish so you don't lose your information. It should take about 10 minutes.


We Care About Your Privacy

Everything you enter into the plan is completely anonymous. No one has access to the information you type in, and nothing is saved.


What Do I Want?

Start by setting a goal for yourself. Type your goal into the space below.

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Create Your Plan

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1. Is My Goal Specific?

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Is your goal specific enough?

Specific goals (like “Bring my math grade up to a B”) are better than vague ones (like “Do better in math”). When you say exactly what you are trying to do, it's easier to make a plan and see your progress.

If you need to make your goal more specific, change it here:

2. Why Do I Want It?

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I want… [insert text from above]

Type in at least two reasons why you want to do this. If any of your reasons is to please another person (like “my boyfriend wants me to…”) your goal may be harder to reach. Set goals for yourself, not other people.

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3. How Will I Do It?

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Break your goal down into small steps. Start with a few simple tasks. These should be easy to do so you get used to them and they become part of your regular routine. Don't think of them as tasks or chores, think of them as your new daily habits!

List at least two simple things that you can do every day to reach your goal.

4. What Can Trip Me Up?

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When you set a goal, it can help to know specific things that might trip you up so they won't catch you by surprise.

List at least two things that may trip you up or interfere with reaching your goal.

5. Who Can Help Me?

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Some goals will mean that you have to rely on another person to reach them (such as a parent to buy certain foods or drive you places).

Type in the name of someone who can help you reach your goal and what he or she can do. Choose people who you know want you to succeed at your goal — and make sure you discuss your goal with them so they can help you.

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6. When Will I Start?

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Choosing a realistic start date and putting it in writing can help you commit to your plan. Use the calendar below to pick a date to start your plan.

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7. What If I Feel Like Giving Up?

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Click three things to say to yourself when willpower is low. Think of what your best friend would say to encourage you, then be your own best friend and say it to yourself!

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8. What Else Can I Do?

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When willpower starts to slip, it can help to stay motivated by doing (or telling yourself) specific things that relate to your goal.

Below, type in some ideas that can help you stay on track to reach your goal. Think back to the possible pitfalls you typed in earlier — the things that might trip you up. Include some ideas here to get you past those roadblocks.

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Select a Design

Now it's time to design a goal sheet that you'll print out to keep. This is the only record you'll have of your plan - for privacy reasons, the guide does not save any of your information.

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