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  • What Is Gestational Diabetes? for Parents

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Your Diabetes Health Care Team for Kids

    When you have diabetes, you and your family have a lot to learn. The good news is that people you can count on will help you understand diabetes and how to stay healthy.

  • What's the Difference Between a Treatment and a Cure? for Teens

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Managing Your Medical Care for Teens

    Your parents won't be running your life forever. This center tells you what you need to know about taking charge of your own medical care.

  • Can Stress Affect My Weight? for Teens

    Find out what the experts have to say!

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) for Teens

    In polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the ovaries produce higher than normal amounts of certain hormones, which can interfere with egg development and release. Learn how doctors diagnose and treat PCOS.

  • I'm Pregnant. How Can I Avoid Having My Baby Early? for Parents

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Overweight and Obesity for Teens

    In this section, you'll find information on some common health concerns that go with being overweight. You'll also find tips on what teens can do to manage their weight in a healthy way.

  • What Is Epigenetics? for Parents

    Epigenetics - the idea that environmental factors can change the health not only of the people who are exposed to them, but also the health of their descendants - is something we'll be hearing more about.

  • Carbohydrates and Diabetes for Teens

    If you have diabetes, your doctor may have recommended keeping track of how many carbohydrates (carbs) you eat. But what exactly are carbs and how do they affect your blood sugar?