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  • Should You Worry About School Violence? for Teens

    After hearing news of school shootings or other violence, it's natural for students — no matter how old they are or where they go to school — to worry about whether this type of incident may someday happen to them or their friends.

  • Word! Violence for Kids

    Your parents have probably told you not to watch a TV show because it is too violent or that some video games are too violent.

  • Bullying/Violence for Teens

    Get advice on everything from standing up to bullies to apologizing to someone if you were the bully.

  • School Violence and the News for Parents

    As terrible and frightening as incidents of school violence are, they are rare. But it's natural for kids to worry. Here's how to help them deal with these fears.

  • Violencia Para Niños

    La violencia se genera cuando la gente lastima a otras personas o cuando hace maldades.

  • Monitoring Your Child's Media Use for Parents

    Some ways for parents to keep track of the media their kids watch, play, and use.

  • Someone at School Has a Weapon. What Should I Do? for Teens

    If you suspect that someone is bringing a weapon to school or threatening someone else's life, it requires immediate attention. This article offers some tips on getting help.

  • ¿Debería preocuparte la violencia escolar? Para Adolescentes

    Es natural que, luego de escuchar noticias sobre tiroteos escolares u otros tipos de violencia, los estudiantes (sin importar su edad o si van a la escuela) se preocupen y piensen si estarán involucrados en este tipo de incidentes algún día.

  • La violencia escolar y las noticias Para Padres

    Es natural que a los niños y a los adolescentes les preocupe que les puedan ocurrir episodios de violencia en sus centros de estudios. Para ayudar a los niños a afrontar estos miedos, es importante hablarles sobre estas tragedias cuando ocurran y saber qué es lo que ellos escuchan y ven sobre ellas.

  • How to Talk to Your Child About the News for Parents

    News from the TV, radio, and the Internet is often educational. But when stories are about violence or other disturbing topics, parents can find it hard to explain to kids. Here are some guidelines.