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  • Stool Test: Giardia Antigen for Parents

    This test may be done if a child has watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, large amounts of intestinal gas, appetite loss, and nausea or vomiting.

  • Recipes for Kids for Kids

    Grab your apron, because this section's got great recipes that you'll love to make and eat! From strawberry smoothies to perfect pizzas, we'll explain how to make some tasty treats.

  • Recipes for Teens With Diabetes for Teens

    These recipes were created especially for teens with diabetes.

  • Recipes Kids With Diabetes Can Make for Kids

    Eating nutritious food can help people with diabetes stay healthy. Try these recipes if you're looking to add something new to the menu.

  • About Recipes for Kids With Diabetes for Kids

    Just like everyone else, kids who have diabetes need to eat a variety of healthy foods. Give these nutritious recipes a try!

  • Lean Green Pita Dippers for Parents

    This fun and easy recipe is ready in minutes!

  • Recipes for Teens for Teens

    This section has easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes.

  • Stool Test: H. Pylori Antigen for Parents

    A doctor may request an H. pylori antigen stool test if your child has symptoms that indicate a peptic ulcer, such as indigestion, abdominal pain, a full or bloated feeling, nausea, frequent belching, or vomiting.

  • Stool Test: Bacteria Culture for Parents

    A stool culture helps doctors determine if there's a bacterial infection in the intestines.

  • Lean Green Pita Dippers for Kids

    This recipe requires some help from an adult.