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  • Definition: Peak Flow Meter for Teens

    A peak flow meter can tell you how well your lungs are working.

  • What's a Peak Flow Meter? for Parents

    A peak flow meter is a portable handheld device used to measure how well a person can blow air out of the lungs.

  • Word! Peak Flow Meter for Kids

    Lots of kids who have asthma use a special tool called a peak flow meter to measure how quickly they can push air out of their lungs.

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    Asthma control can take a little time and energy to master, but it's worth the effort. Learn more about ways to manage your child's asthma.

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  • What's an Asthma Action Plan? for Kids

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  • What's an Asthma Action Plan? for Parents

    Find out how this written plan can help you care for your child with asthma.