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  • Dealing With Bullies for Kids

    No one likes a bully. Find out how to handle them in this article for kids.

  • Bullying - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Help for kids being bullied, and how to teach a bullying child to stop.

  • Dealing With Bullying for Teens

    Bullying has everyone worried, not just the people on its receiving end. Learn about dealing with bullies, including tips on how to stand up for yourself or a friend.

  • Helping Kids Deal With Bullies for Parents

    Unfortunately, bullying is a common part of childhood. But parents can help kids cope with it and lessen its lasting impact.

  • Bullying/Violence for Teens

    Get advice on everything from standing up to bullies to apologizing to someone if you were the bully.

  • Cyberbullying for Teens

    Using technology to bully is a problem that's on the rise. The good news is awareness of how to prevent cyberbullying is growing even faster. See our tips on what to do.

  • Teaching Kids Not to Bully for Parents

    Whether bullying is physical or verbal, if it's not stopped it can lead to more aggressive antisocial behavior - and harm a child's success in school and friendships.

  • Teens Talk About Bullying (Video) for Teens

    In this video, teens talk about their experiences with bullying.

  • Handout: Bullying (Grades Grades 6 to 8) for Educators

    This handout is part of the Teacher's Guide on Bullying for grades 6 to 8.

  • Teens Talk About Bullying (Video) for Parents

    Hear from teens who've been bullied - and what they did about it.