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  • All About Reading for Parents

    Advice on reading to babies and toddlers, getting kids ready to read, and more!

  • School-Age Readers for Parents

    From kindergarten through third grade, kids' ability to read will grow by leaps and bounds. Although teachers provide lots of help, parents continue to play a role in a child's reading life.

  • Story Time & Reading for Parents

    How to make reading fun and create a lifelong love of books.

  • Encouraging Reading for Parents

    Tips for getting kids to open a book and enjoy.

  • Toddler Reading Time for Parents

    Reading to toddlers lays the foundation for their independent reading later on. Here are some tips.

  • Reading Books to Babies for Parents

    Reading aloud to your baby stimulates developing senses, and builds listening and memory skills that can help your baby grow up to be a reader.

  • Reading Resources for Parents

    Regardless of your child's age or reading level, almost every community has programs and resources that are helpful.

  • Creating a Reader-Friendly Home for Parents

    A home filled with reading material is a good way to help kids become enthusiastic readers. Here are some ideas.

  • Story Time for Preschoolers for Parents

    Reading aloud to your preschooler is a great way to encourage learning development and to help prepare your child for independent reading down the line.

  • Información sobre lectura Para Padres

    Consejos para leerles a los bebés y niños pequeños, para preparar a los niños para leer, y más.