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  • Quizzes for Kids

    Test your knowledge with health-related quizzes.

  • Quizzes for Kids

    Try a quiz to learn more about yourself and what you know!

  • Flu Basics for Kids

    The flu comes every year. What is it and can you keep it from making you sick?

  • Flu Center for Kids

    You don' t want the flu. Find out more about this virus and how a flu shot can keep you from getting sick.

  • Flu for Kids

    Don't let flu happen to you. Find out how to prevent it.

  • Health Care: What Do You Know? for Teens

    How much do you know about taking charge of your health care? Take our quiz and find out!

  • Movies & More for Kids

    Here's where you'll find games and activities to help you explore your health and the human body.

  • Illnesses & Injuries for Kids

    From the flu to nosebleeds to broken bones, we've got you covered from head to toe with tons of info about common illnesses and injuries.

  • Medications & Treatments for Teens

    This section has information on various medicines and medical treatments.

  • Stress & Coping Center for Teens

    Feeling stressed out? Learn about some of the things that can cause stress and get tips on how to manage when you're feeling overwhelmed.