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  • Staying Fit for Parents

    Here's how to get kids active, even if they don't like sports.

  • Mantenerse activo Para Padres

    Aquí encontrará la manera de hacer que los niños estén activos, aunque no practiquen deportes.

  • Games for Kids for Kids

    These games are fun and teach you something about your health.

  • Feeding Your Child Athlete for Parents

    All kids need to eat balanced meals and have a healthy diet. But should that balance change for kids who play on a sports team or work out?

  • Nutrition & Fitness Center Content List for Parents

    You know the importance of good nutrition and exercise, but how do you feed a picky eater or encourage a child who hates sports to play outside? Learn how to keep your child healthy with the right foods and exercise.

  • A Guide to Eating for Sports for Teens

    You've prepared for the game in almost every way possible: but now what should you eat? Read about performance foods, nutritional supplements, and more.

  • Sports Supplements for Teens

    Sports supplements are products used to enhance athletic performance. Lots of people who want to improve their performance have questions about how supplements work and whether they're safe.

  • Centro de alimentación y ejercicio físico Para Padres

    Usted sabe lo importante que es una buena alimentación y el ejercicio físico. Pero, ¿cómo puede alimentar bien a un niño que es quisquilloso con la comida o alentar a un niño, que odia hacer deportes, para que vaya a jugar afuera? Obtenga información sobre cómo mantener a su hijo sano con una buena alimentación y ejercicio físico.

  • Healthy Habits for TV, Video Games, and the Internet for Parents

    TV, interactive video games, and the Internet can be excellent sources of education and entertainment, but too much plugged-in time can have unhealthy side effects.

  • Sportsmanship for Teens

    Some people define good sportsmanship as treating the people that you play with and against as you'd like to be treated yourself. Learn more about what good sportsmanship is all about.