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Nemours Reading BrightStart!


Nemours Reading BrightStart! A Unique, Proven Approach to Promoting Reading Success

Practical, science-based tools and training that integrate child development, early education, and pediatric health principles to address real-life challenges of building early literacy skills.

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Nemours BrightStart! The Complete Program for Early Literacy Success: Level 1

We put teachers at the forefront of early literacy best practices with an exciting multisensory approach to building reading readiness skills.

Nemours BrightStart! The Complete Program for Early Literacy Success: Level 2

Our program provides teachers with best practices to teach beginning reading and writing. Activities promote oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, fluency, and developmental writing.

10 Best Practices for Developing Book Experiences for Dual Language Learners

Use our guide to create a purposeful, effective experience with books for children learning English as a second language.

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Family Engagement

With the family-educator partnership in mind, Nemours Reading BrightStart! brings you a website to help families understand their child's development and educational needs.

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