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  • Word! Eardrum for Kids

    Your eardrum is a really important part of your ear.

  • Senses Experiment: Model Eardrum for Kids

    How does the eardrum work? Find out by trying this experiment.

  • Your Ears for Kids

    Now hear this! Here's an article about ears. Find out how your amazing ears do their amazing job.

  • What Is an Ear Infection? for Kids

    A middle ear infection happens when germs like bacteria and viruses get in your middle ear and cause trouble. Read this article to find out more.

  • Going to the Audiologist for Kids

    When a kid has trouble hearing, an audiologist can help. That's a person specially trained to understand how hearing works and to help kids who don't hear normally.

  • Word! Tympanogram for Kids

    Tympanic membrane is the fancy name for eardrum, so when a doctor wants to find out how your eardrum is working, he or she may get a tympanogram.

  • All About Your Senses: Experiments to Try for Kids

    Need a science project, or just looking for something fun to do? These experiments reveal the way your body works. Check with a grown-up first because some will require help from an adult.

  • What's Hearing Loss? for Kids

    Hearing loss happens when there is a problem with the ear, nerves connected to the ear, or the part of the brain that controls hearing. Someone who has hearing loss may be able to hear some sounds or nothing at all. To learn more, read this article for kids.

  • What's Earwax? for Kids

    Why do our ears make earwax? Find out in this article for kids.

  • What Happens in the Operating Room? for Kids

    Surgeries and operations happen in the operating room, sometimes called the OR. Find out more in this article for kids.