Summer Safety Center

Summer Safety

Summer is a time for fun. What's the best way to keep your child safe? Find out here.

Sun Safety

  • Staying Safe in the Sun

    Who needs sunscreen? How do you treat sunburn? Here are the facts on sun safety.

    Choose the best sunscreen

    What to do for sunburn

  • Staying Safe in the Heat

    Heat illness and dehydration can cause trouble for kids in the summer. Learn how to prevent and treat them.

    About heat illness

    Heat illness first aid

    Prevent dehydration

    Dehydration first aid

  • Staying Safe in the Water

    Watching out for kids around water — from play pools to the ocean — is a huge responsibility. Here's how to make sure everyone stays safe.

    Pool safety

    Rivers, lakes, and oceans

    Jellyfish stings

  • Staying Safe Outside

    From watching out for poison ivy to checking playground equipment, here’s how to avoid some common problems that can trip up summer fun.

    Poison ivy

    ATV safety

    Playground safety

  • Staying Safe: Bites and Stings

    Most insect stings and bites don't need medical care, but some do. Know what to watch for.

    Insect bites and stings

    First aid for bites and stings

    Tick removal


  • Safe Fun for Everyone

    From online safety for kids with time on their hands to choosing camps for kids with special needs, here are some common summer topics.

    Online safety

    Kids with special needs

    Fireworks safety

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