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What Visitors Say

We receive hundreds of emails each week. Here are just a few examples of visitors telling us how KidsHealth has touched — and in some cases changed — their lives.

From Parents

"Our 17-year-old son was scheduled for open-heart surgery, but in the pre-op exam it was discovered that he has Type 2B von Willebrand disease! Even though the doctors did a good job explaining the disease to us, it was most helpful to read for ourselves about the disease. Thank you very much for the information."

"Thank you for your article on encopresis. We've been struggling for an explanation of our boy's behavior and your article helped greatly. You truly made a difference to our family."

"Thank you so much for your articles about bullies, feelings, etc. My child has been dealing with some things at school that I had no idea were going on. She finally confided in me and your articles are extremely helpful. I now know how to handle these situations. Your articles have made both my child and me feel better and in control of the matter."

"I loved the article 'Hearing Impairment, Kristen's Story.' I myself have a 5-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with the same type of hearing loss as Kristen at the exact same age! I found the article so very inspiring, and it gave me a profound sense of hope. I felt, for once, that the determination that I see in my daughter will go rewarded if we try hard enough; it gave me a reason to fight!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

From Teens

"Your article on alopecia was so inspiring to read. Having alopecia myself I know how terrifying it can be to face the world without wearing a wig. Kayla is an inspiration for me to know my lack of hair does not define who I am. Thank you, Kayla!"

"I'm really grateful for your article on cutting! My friend Liz has been cutting for years and I didn't know what to do about it. Then I found your website and followed your advice on how to help her. Thanks to your article she is now seeking treatment at a local facility."

"I love the Teens section! It rocks! And questions I'm embarrassed to ask are like right on the website! It's really cool! So...keep up the good work!"

"I just wanted to thank you for your self-defense column. I was attacked recently, after having read the article. I truly believe your advice may have saved my life."

From Kids

"Your website is very helpful and will probably help me and my friend to stop getting bullied."

"I loved your article 'A Kid's Guide to Divorce.' It helped me a lot. I love both of my parents very much and this is a hard time for me. I learned a way to express my feelings from your article and how to deal with the atmosphere around me."

"It's so awesome! I can read about gross stuff without having to have one of those awkward lectures with my mom. I really like — LOVE — everything about your website, because I'm a kid with questions, and you've got answers. Thank you so much!"

From Educators

"As a school nurse your website has been invaluable. Thanks so much for the site and for the myriad topics that I can take right into the classroom or use individually with students."

"I love this website! It is so helpful for me as an elementary teacher. It really helps me with ideas about everything that goes on in my classroom. It's also so easily navigated I can use it for everything in my curriculum without any confusion or cross-referencing! Thanks!"

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