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Your Child's Development (Birth to 3 Years)

Your Child's Development (Birth to 3 Years)

It's amazing to watch your baby grow and learn. Those first days and weeks of getting to know your little one — enjoying every coo and smile, juggling feeding and sleeping schedules — will give way to the energy-charged toddler years before you know it!

What changes can you expect to see and when? As with everything when it comes to kids, how and when they reach early childhood development milestones can vary. Some kids gain skills earlier or later than others.

You'll see your child's health care provider often, and talking about healthy development and early learning will be part of your well-child visits. 

Our age-specific overviews can give you a sense of how your child might develop from birth to age 3. Print them or keep them handy on your smartphone or tablet for your next doctor visit.

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