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  • Computer-Related Repetitive Stress Injuries for Parents

    ... Given the importance of computers in our everyday lives, parents and kids
    should strive to make adjustments to their computer environments to ...

  • Does the Light From a Phone or Computer Make it Hard to ... for Teens

    Does the Light From a Phone or Computer Make it Hard to Sleep? ... that require
    focus is to follow your mom's advice: Don't use computers and other ...

  • Vision Facts and Myths for Parents

    ... Myth: Computer use can damage the eyes. Fact: According to the AAO,
    computer use won't harm the eyes. However, when ...

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries for Teens

    ... affecting people who spend a lot of time using computer keyboards. ... prevalent
    in teens because they spend more time than ever using computers. ...

  • Internet Safety for Parents

    ... By talking to them about potential online dangers and monitoring their computer
    use, you'll help them surf the Internet safely. continue. ...

  • Teacher's Guide: Online Safety (Grades 6 to 8) for Educators

    ... And improper use of a computer can cause physical problems as well. ... a The
    file is infected with a virus, causing the computer to stop working. ...

  • Teacher's Guide: Screen Time (Grades 3 to 5) for Educators

    ... Spending too much time watching TV, playing video games, or using a computer,
    tablet, or smartphone can increase kids' chances of becoming ...

  • Teacher's Guide: Online Safety (Grades 3 to 5) for Educators

    ... Materials: • Computer with Internet access • Pencil or pen • “Hello, Nina”
    handout ... Activity: Nina must have the smartest computer in the world. ...

  • Teacher's Guide: Screen Time (Grades 9 to 12) for Educators

    ... When teens spend so many hours looking at a TV, computer, tablet, phone,
    or video game screen, they have less time for other important things ...

  • Your Online Identity for Kids

    ... Many kids who play on a Wii or Xbox or on their computers, tablets, phones,
    or ... When you're using the computer, it can be tempting to use a screen ...

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