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  • Black Bean Burrito for Parents

    Black Bean Burrito.

  • Eating Well While Eating Out for Teens

    ... deli sandwiches on whole-grain bread; a small hamburger; a bean burrito;
    a baked potato; a side salad; frozen yogurt. Choose ...

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding? Recipes for You for Parents

    ... Mushroom Pizza; Berry French Toast; Berry Smoothie; Black Bean Burrito;
    Breaded Chicken With Asparagus; Candied Sweet ...

  • Fiber for Parents

    ... navy, or pinto). Use whole-grain (corn or whole wheat) soft-taco shells
    or tortillas to make burritos or wraps. Fill them with ...

  • La fibra Para Adolescentes

    ... las habichuelas). Utiliza maíz integral o trigo integral para hacer burritos,
    tortillas o preparados similares. Rellénalos de ...

  • Comer bien afuera Para Adolescentes

    ... sándwiches de fiambres en pan integral; una hamburguesa pequeña; un burrito
    de frijoles; una papa al horno; una ensalada pequeña; yogur helado ...

  • Hacerse vegetariano Para Adolescentes

    ... A veces, aún los lugares de comida rápida tienen platos vegetarianos, como
    tacos con frijoles y burritos, hamburguesas sin carne o pizza de ...

  • Becoming a Vegetarian for Teens

    ... Even fast-food places sometimes have vegetarian choices, such as bean
    tacos and burritos, veggie burgers, and soy cheese pizza. ...

  • Teacher's Guide: Food Labels (Grades 6 to 8) for Educators

    ... Breakfast burritos, hash browns, double cheeseburgers, fried chicken, onion
    rings, tacos, French fries, soft drinks, shakes … you name it. ...

  • How Can I Comfort My Baby During Shots? for Parents

    ... You also can swaddle (wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket like a "burrito")
    before the shot, but leave your baby's legs exposed for the vaccination. ...

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