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  • Word! Bolus

    For someone with diabetes, a bolus means a single, large dose of insulin taken to handle a rise in blood glucose (a type of sugar).

  • Word! Bruxism

    Take a bite out of this - bruxism is the word for grinding your teeth, usually during sleep.

  • Word! Diagnosis

    The word diagnosis is a fancy name for how doctors figure out what's making you sick.

  • Word! Stat

    Quick! On the double! Hurry up! Get moving!

  • Word! Gingivitis

    Got gums? Then you have to protect them against gingivitis, the word for gum disease.

  • Word! Sternutation

    This is a long word for something that happens in a short time: sneezing!

  • Word! Polyuria

    Someone who has uncontrolled diabetes may urinate (pee) a lot. Polyuria is the medial word for this.

  • Word! Rx

    This is short for the word prescription.

  • Word! Neuropathy

    Neuropathy is the medical word for disease of the nervous system.

  • Word! Hemangioma

    This is a big word for a type of birthmark.