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  • Word! Pimple

    Your skin has many tiny holes called pores.

  • Word! Scabies

    Scabies is an itchy skin problem caused by teeny mites that dig tunnels underneath the skin's surface.

  • Eczema

    Everybody has dry skin once in a while, but eczema is more than just that. If your skin is dry, itchy, red, sore, and scaly, you may have eczema. Learn more about this uncomfortable condition and what you can to do stop itching!

  • Word! Dermatologist

    A special doctor called a dermatologist knows a lot about skin.

  • Will Toothpaste Make a Pimple Go Away?

    Some people say toothpaste will clear up a pimple. Does it work or will it make the pimple worse? Let's find out.

  • Life With Lupus

    Some people have an autoimmune disorder called lupus. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Your Nails

    You may not think about your nails, unless you just painted them blue or your mom says it's time to trim them. But your nails have a job to do. Find out more in this article.

  • Strains and Sprains Are a Pain

    What's a sprain? What's a strain? Find out in this article for kids.

  • Word! Bruise

    When you bang a part of your body against something, your skin might turn different colors where you bumped it.

  • Word! Sebum

    You can't see it, but it's there. Sebum is your skin's natural oil, and it keeps your skin soft and makes it a bit waterproof.

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