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There's no special medicine for homesickness, but kids can learn to feel better away from home.
When you're homesick, you might feel nostalgic for familiar things like your family, friends, pets, house, or neighborhood. Learn more about homesickness and what you can do about it.
3Going to College
The first year of college is filled with new challenges and opportunities. Read our article to beef up on your college coping skills.
4Sending Your Child With Special Needs to Camp
You've decided to send your child with special needs to camp this summer. Now what can you both do to get ready?
5Going Away to Camp
Are you ready for sleepaway camp? Learn more about it in this article for kids.
6Nostalgia de casa
A algunos niños el hecho de estar fuera de casa les asusta y entristece. Les apetece ir y pasárselo bien con sus amigos, pero, una vez allí, empiezan a echar de menos su vieja y querida cama, sus viejos y queridos padres y todo lo que tienen cada día en casa. Es decir, extrañan su casa.
7When Can I Go to a Sleepover?
Find out the right age to start sleeping over at a friend's house.
8When Can I Go to Sleepaway Camp?
Ready for more than just day camp? Find out when many kids try sleepaway camp.
9HealthSearch Answer Sheet
Don't look at this answer sheet until you've found all the answers to the HealthSearch!
Confused, sad, mad, glad? Check out this section to learn about these emotions and many more - and how to deal with them.

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