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  • Coping With Cold Sores

    Coping With Cold Sores. ... What's that? Adam wondered. What Is a Cold Sore?
    Cold sores are small blisters that is reddish and a little painful. ...

  • A Kid's Guide to Fever

    ... You may feel very cold even though the room isn't cold and even though you
    have your pajamas or nightgown on and lots of blankets around you. ...

  • Learning About Allergies

    ... Colds don't itch. The mucus, the stuff that comes from your nose or that you
    cough up, is different, too. With allergies, it's clear like water. With a cold, ...

  • What Is an Ear Infection?

    ... You do not catch ear infections from other people, though you might catch
    a cold that then leads to an ear ... You also can try not to catch colds. ...

  • Winter Sports: Sledding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating

    ... Dress in layers, people often say. This is true, but some of the newer fabrics
    for cold weather give you the warmth of layers without all the bulk. ...

  • What to Do if You Can't Sleep

    ... easier. Feeling Uncomfortable. If you feel too hot, too cold, hungry, or
    crowded, you won't get to sleep like you should. Prevent ...

  • What's an Asthma Flare-Up?

    ... Other triggers do not cause allergies, but they do irritate the airways. These
    include tobacco smoke, cold air, exercise, and infections, such as colds. ...

  • Help With Hives

    ... But if you don't know why you get hives, it's tough to prevent them. Some kids
    get hives when they have a virus, such as a bad cold or stomach flu. ...

  • Word! Asthma Flare-Up

    ... flare-up, or attack. Stuff like allergies, a cold, cigarette smoke, exercise,
    or even cold air can trigger an asthma flare-up.

  • When Cancer Keeps You Home

    ... home. The flu, a stomach virus, even a bad cold can make you want
    to stay in bed and pull the covers up over your head. ...