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  • Abscess for Teens

    ... On top of the skin, an abscess may look like an unhealed wound or a pimple.
    Underneath the skin, it may create a swollen bump. ...

  • Eczema for Teens

    ... won't harm your skin. Even if sweat tends to aggravate your skin, it's
    still a good idea to exercise. Exercise is a great way ...

  • Acanthosis Nigricans for Teens

    ... Whenever you notice a change in the color, thickness, or texture of your skin,
    it's wise to see a health professional. What to Expect. ...

  • Wound Healing and Care for Teens

    ... It'll take a few months for the scar to be back to 100% strength of normal
    skin. Why do scars look different from normal skin? ...

  • What to Expect When Your Cast Comes Off for Teens

    ... to side. It's the vibrations that break the cast apart, so there's nothing
    to hurt your skin. It might tickle a bit, though. When ...

  • Why Does My Skin Get Wrinkly in Water? for Kids

    ... skin. Sebum moistens, or lubricates (say: LOO-bruh-kates), and protects
    your skin. It also makes your skin a bit waterproof. ...

  • Sun Safety for Parents

    ... sun exposure. Some also get chills. Because the sun has dried their
    skin, it can become itchy and tight. Sunburned skin ...

  • Scabies for Teens

    ... If a person with scabies scratches the itchy areas of skin, it increases the chance
    that the injured skin will also be infected by bacteria. ...

  • Scabies for Parents

    Scabies. ...

  • What's a Birthmark? for Kids

    ... Another type of hemangioma is beneath the outer layer of skin. It's called a
    deep hemangioma (sometimes called a cavernous hemangioma). ...