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    Quick Poll: Do you argue with your parents about how much time
    you spend on your phone and other devices?

  • When Your Parents Fight

    ... go somewhere else in the house to get away from the fighting or arguing. ... When
    parents argue, there can be too much yelling and screaming, name ...

  • What Should I Do if My Family Fights?

    ... to them about your feelings. Sometimes, parents don't realize that their
    arguing makes kids feel upset. If you tell them how ...

  • How to Be a Good Sport

    ... to play without a grownup deciding everything but it also can lead to a lot of
    arguing. ... Don't argue with an official if you don't agree with his or her call ...

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    ... some sibling rivalry involves arguing, like when you think your brother is
    hogging the ball. People who love each other might argue sometimes, but ...

  • Word! Stress

    Word! Stress. Stress. Say: stress. Stress is the feeling you get when you're
    worrying about a big test or when your parents are arguing. ...

  • What Is a Divorce?

    ... Even if you once heard your parents argue about you, or your friend next door
    thinks his parents broke up because he got in trouble at school ...

  • Saying You're Sorry

    ... sorry!". Sound familiar? If so, you're like lots of kids who sometimes argue
    with their friends and family members. Let's face ...

  • Talking to Your Parents

    Talking to Your Parents.

  • Why Am I So Sad?

    ... So can family problems — like divorce, losing a job, arguing, money problems,
    or health conditions. continue. Are Sad Feelings Normal? ...