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When Can I Go to Sleepaway Camp?

When Can I Go to Sleepaway Camp?

When can I go to sleepaway camp?

Kids older than 8 may be interested in this kind of camp, where you stay away from home for a week or longer. It can be quite an adventure, making new friends and enjoying the great outdoors. But it's also something you want to think about and talk over with your parents. Maybe you want to try it out by spending a week at camp before you commit to staying for a longer stretch.

Some kids wait until they're a little older — like 11 or 12 — before taking this step. Older kids may be more ready to be away from their homes and parents. At camp, some kids will feel homesick and some won't.

If you decide to go to camp, you can stay in touch by emailing and phoning your mom and dad. And if you're feeling sad or lonely at camp, talk to a camp counselor. They're in charge of keeping you safe and happy.

Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD
Date reviewed: June 2013

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