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1.NICU: Hablan los padres (video)
Si su bebé se encuentra en la unidad de cuidados intensivos neonatales (UCIN, o NICU en Inglés), es posible que esté pasando por un momento de gran estrés. Puede llegar a parecer que la vida ha dado un vuelco. Pero escuchar a otros padres que han pasado por lo mismo puede ser de gran ayuda. Aquí veremos de qué manera enfrentaron algunos padres la estadía de su bebé en la unidad NICU.
2.The NICU: Parents Talk (Video)
Hear from parents whose babies were in the NICU, and learn how they managed their lives during this stressful time.
3.When Your Baby Is Born With a Health Problem
If you're expecting a baby, it's important to understand that certain health problems and complications can't be prevented, no matter how smoothly the pregnancy goes.
4.Samala's Birth Story
By turns overwhelming, touching, and sometimes even humorous, the stories surrounding the birth of a baby become part of a family's folklore.
5.Tener a un bebé en la UCIN
En la UCIN solamente se tratan bebés de muy corta edad (o bebés que padecen algún trastorno derivado de la prematuridad); suelen ser bebés que no han recibido el alta hospitalaria tras el nacimiento, por lo que todavía no los han llevado a su casa. El tiempo que permanecerán en esta unidad dependerá de la gravedad de la enfermedad o trastorno que padezcan.
6.Personal Stories
Get firsthand accounts from parents, kids, and teens facing health problems or other challenges, and learn what works for them.
7.Tracheostomy: Parents Talk (Video)
Here, three parents share their tips and experiences on raising a child with a tracheostomy.
8.Managing Home Health Care
When kids need intensive health care after they're discharged from the hospital, it's important that family and caregivers learn about the devices, equipment, and support they'll need.
9.Doctors & Hospitals
Doctor and hospital visits, tests, surgery, insurance paperwork, and medicines: let us help you take some confusion out of the process.
10.Hemangiomas: Suzanne's Story
When Anna was born, she developed red spots that her parents learned were hemangiomas, benign birthmarks that she eventually outgrew. Her mother tells her story.
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