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  • Donating Blood

    ... Before donating, you'll need to answer some ... if a person is healthy enough
    to donate blood ... Donated blood gets tested for viruses, including HIV (the ...

  • Natural Disasters: How to Help

    ... Every donation, regardless of size, helps to rebuild ... If you want to donate money
    but can't afford ... You could also think about donating later when you ...

  • Blood Transfusions

    ... from people who volunteer to donate their blood. ... to receive blood from the
    donated supply, but ... a family member or friend donates blood specifically ...

  • Kidney Transplant

    ... the wait for this kind of donated kidney can ... kidney transplants depending on
    who donates the new ... transplant is when people donate their kidneys ...

  • 5 Ideas for Eco-Friendly Celebrations

    ... There's nothing to wrap or throw away when you donate to a person's favorite
    cause. Making a gift donation in someone's name is a good choice ...

  • Is It Normal to Feel Sick During a Blood Draw?

    Is It Normal to Feel Sick During a Blood Draw?

  • Blood Types

    ... tabs on blood type to be sure that donated blood matches ... you have to be 16
    or 17 to donate blood. ... d like to help, learn more about blood donation. ...

  • Volunteering

    ... Donating your time is a great way to feel like you have the power to ... When you
    donate your time to a cause you care about, it looks impressive on ...

  • Body Piercing

    ... If you're thinking of donating blood, be aware that some organizations
    won't accept blood donations from anyone who has had a body piercing or ...

  • My Pet Died. How Can I Feel Better?

    ... your pet. Some people choose to make a donation in a pet's memory
    to an animal shelter or even volunteer there. All of ...

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