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  • Poison Ivy

    ... the plants. Look Out for Poison Plants. These plants can be anywhere —
    from the woods to your own backyard. The green ...

  • Your House: How to Make It Asthma-Safe

    ... tobacco smoke or wood smoke; perfumes; aerosol sprays (say: AIR-uh-sol;
    some kinds of hairspray and cleaners come in aerosol cans); ...

  • Splinters

    ... You examine the soft, pink sole of your foot to find a teeny, tiny piece of wood
    stuck in there. ... Some splinters are little pieces of wood. ...

  • Hey! A Tick Bit Me!

    ... Your parent or another responsible adult should check you for ticks after
    you've been playing or hiking in the woods, especially on your head ...

  • Playing With Fire?

    ... Don't do it! Kids who play with fire can end up burning themselves, hurting
    other people, and destroying important things, like homes and woods. ...

  • Hey! A Brown Recluse Spider Bit Me!

    ... hang out in dark places. When they are outside, they like to spend time
    in piles of rocks, wood, or leaves. If they come inside ...

  • Learning About Allergies

    ... storm. And every spring and fall, your dad gets a runny nose when
    he takes you for hikes in the woods. What's going on? ...

  • Rashes: The Itchy Truth

    ... like and avoid it. It also may help to wear long sleeves and pants when
    you're camping or hiking in the woods. If bugs bug ...

  • Senses Experiment: Brain Box

    ... Items to fill the box or pillowcase (for example, cup, spoon, ball, block, fruit,
    sponge, rock, a small bell, cotton ball, pine cone, feather, wood letters or ...

  • Hey! A Black Widow Spider Bit Me!

    Hey! A Black Widow Spider Bit Me! What's a Black Widow Spider?
    The black widow spider is one of the few venomous ...

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