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    How can you tell if you have a concussion? What should you do? And what's
    going to happen with sports and school? The facts are all on this site for ...

  • Summer Safety Center

    Want to avoid summer hazards so you can focus on
    the fun? This center offers tips for teens.

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  • KidsHealth Editorial Policy

    KidsHealth Editorial Policy. ... All information on this site is for educational
    purposes only. How KidsHealth Content Is Created and Updated. ...

  • Copyright

    Copyright. KidsHealth is a project of The Nemours Foundation, a nonprofit
    organization devoted to children's health. Copyright ...

  • Families

    Families. This section has tips on family life and getting along. 5 Ways to
    (Respectfully) Disagree; Abuse; Adoption; Apologizing; Assertiveness; ...

  • Taking Care of Your Body

    Taking Care of Your Body. With all the changes going on, it's easy to feel like
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  • Feelings & Emotions

    Feelings & Emotions. Learn all about feelings -- good and bad -- in
    this section. 3 Ways to Increase Positive Emotions; 3 ...

  • Talking to Your Partner About STDs

    Talking to Your Partner About STDs.

  • Dealing With Problems

    Dealing With Problems. Get advice on coping with a problem or helping
    a friend. 5 Ways to (Respectfully) Disagree; 5 Ways ...