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  • Your Brain & Nervous System for Kids

    ... But it's a very important part of the brain. It controls balance, movement,
    and coordination (how your muscles work together). ...

  • Brain and Nervous System for Parents

    ... It consists of the cerebrum — the area with all the folds and grooves typically
    seen in pictures of the brain — as well as some other structures ...

  • Brain Tumors for Parents

    ... can form. If the tumor puts pressure on certain areas of the brain, it
    can affect how the body functions. When discovered ...

  • Sports and Concussions for Teens

    ... A fall or collision that makes the brain bang against the skull can bruise the
    brain. It also can tear blood vessels and injure nerves. ...

  • Hydrocephalus for Parents

    ... brain. It then pools, causing a buildup of fluid in the skull. ... Treatment Options.
    It's important to treat hydrocephalus right away. Untreated ...

  • Endocrine System for Parents

    ... It secretes melatonin, a hormone that may help regulate the wake–sleep
    cycle. The gonads are the main source of sex hormones. ...

  • Methamphetamine (Meth) for Teens

    ... carries messages between nerve cells in the brain. It's responsible for
    messages about motivation, pleasure, and motor skills. ...

  • Encephalitis for Parents

    ... drowsiness; coma. It's harder to detect some of these symptoms in infants,
    but important signs to look for include: vomiting; ...

  • Endocrine System for Teens

    ... It secretes melatonin (pronounced: meh-luh-TOE-nin), a hormone that may
    help regulate when you sleep at night and when you wake in the ...

  • PCP for Teens

    ... PCP acts on the neurotransmitters dopamine and glutamate in the brain. It
    affects the user's memory, ability to process emotion, and learning ability. ...