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  • Five Steps to Better Handwriting for Kids

    Five Steps to Better Handwriting. ... How Handwriting Works. With
    handwriting, your body and mind need to do many different ...

  • Cinco pasos para hacer mejor letra Para NiƱos

    Cinco pasos para hacer mejor letra. ...

  • Electronic Health Records for Teens

    ... Here are some of the ways they can help: No more handwriting mishaps.
    There are lots of jokes about doctors' handwriting. ...

  • Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for Parents

    ... For instance, an occupational therapist may suggest accommodations for a
    child with fine-motor problems that affect handwriting, and the ...

  • Occupational Therapy for Parents

    ... Occupational therapists might: help kids work on fine motor skills so they can
    grasp and release toys and develop good handwriting skills; ...

  • Understanding Dyslexia for Teens

    ... Some people with dyslexia have trouble in other school skills, like handwriting
    and math, or they may have trouble paying attention or remembering ...

  • Confidence: A Worksheet for Teens

    ... There's a reason for writing your answers out by hand: Handwriting helps our
    brains remember and process information in a way that typing on a ...

  • Going to an Occupational Therapist for Kids

    ... Many work with kids who need help with their handwriting or in developing
    learning strategies to help them remain focused in class and get their ...

  • Electronic Health Records for Parents

    ... Internet, too. continue. What Are the Benefits? Everyone knows the
    jokes about doctors' unreadable handwriting. But the ...

  • Understanding Dyslexia for Parents

    ... handwriting and fine-motor coordination. Older kids, teenagers, and adults
    might have these same signs of dyslexia and probably also will: ...

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