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  • What Should I Do if My Family Fights? for Kids

    ... When You Fight With a Brother or Sister. Is your little sister always taking
    your stuff? Is your big brother always picking on you? ...

  • Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling for Parents

    ... Depending on their age, a big brother or sister may want to entertain the baby
    during a diaper change, help push the carriage, talk to the baby, or ...

  • Volunteering for Teens

    ... Here are just a few: Help kids learn and grow. Become a Big Brother or Big
    Sister, camp counselor, or volunteer for an after-school sports program. ...

  • Birth of a Second Child for Parents

    ... Reinforce your older child's role in the family, saying that he or she will be
    the "big brother/sister" to the new baby, and help your child enjoy this ...

  • How to Handle Abuse for Kids

    ... Tell someone at school, like a school counselor, school nurse, teacher, or
    coach. Tell a friend's mom or dad, big brother, or big sister. ...

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