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  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder for Teens

    ... Focusing on Appearance. Most of us spend time in front of the mirror
    checking our appearance. Some people spend more ...

  • Encouraging a Healthy Body Image for Parents

    ... appearances change so much and cultural messages that fuel dissatisfaction
    can be very strong. Being criticized or teased about appearance can ...

  • Coping With Cosmetic Effects of Cancer Treatment for Parents

    ... Cancer treatment can bring about many temporary changes in appearance
    — from hair loss and weight gain to skin problems. ...

  • A Guy's Guide to Body Image for Teens

    ... The Truth About Guys. People might think of guys as carefree when
    it comes to their appearance. But a lot of guys spend ...

  • What Is the Apgar Score? for Parents

    ... developed in 1952 by an anesthesiologist named Virginia Apgar, you also
    might hear it referred to as an acronym for: Appearance, Pulse, Grimace ...

  • The First Day of Life for Parents

    ... skin may have one of several possible appearances, looking somewhat red ...
    especially premature babies, have a soft, furry appearance because of ...

  • X-Ray Exam: Bone Age Study for Parents

    ... As kids grow, growth plates change in appearance on the X-ray images and
    become thinner, eventually disappearing (this is what is called "closed ...

  • Looking at Your Newborn: What's Normal for Parents

    ... General Appearance of Newborns. ... Sometimes parents are concerned about
    the curved appearance of their newborn's feet and legs. ...

  • "Am I Pretty?": What Moms, Daughters Really Think About ... for Parents

    ... they're not. More than half of moms say they've criticized their own
    appearance, many in front of their daughters. Of those ...

  • Your Child's Checkup: 12 Years for Parents

    ... want to be independent and fit in with peers; focus on personal
    appearance and behavior (they think all eyes are on them); ...

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