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  • Diabetes: When to Call the Doctor

    ... If you think a situation is an emergency, tell someone to call 911 or
    help you get to the emergency department. If you are ...

  • 5 Ways to Be Prepared for an Allergy Emergency

    ... Have someone call 911 while you are giving yourself the injection. If
    you are alone, call 911 right after injecting epinephrine ...

  • Bug Bites and Stings

    ... If a person has these symptoms, call 911 immediately. ... In case of a severe
    allergic reaction, use the epinephrine auto-injector and call 911. ...

  • When Depression Is Severe

    ... If you feel suicidal, you can also call 911 or go to the emergency room. ... Tell
    a trusted adult, call 911, or go to the emergency room. ...

  • Suicide

    ... leader, or a teacher. Call a suicide crisis line (such as 1-800-SUICIDE)
    or your local emergency number (911). These toll-free ...

  • Safety Basics

    ... section can help you stay safe. 5 Ways to Get Drivers to Stop Texting;
    911 Emergencies; ATV Safety; Babysitting: Bathtime; ...

  • Serious Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis)

    ... If you have a known allergy and start to have a reaction, use your epinephrine
    injector (if you have one) and call 911, or immediately go to the ...

  • When Blood Sugar Is Too Low

    ... parents, teachers, and coaches should all know how to give glucagon shots
    in case of a low blood sugar emergency or at least know to call 911. ...

  • Food Allergies

    ... If you have to give yourself a shot of epinephrine (or someone else gives it
    to you), call 911 immediately afterward so an ambulance can take you to ...

  • Hib Disease (Haemophilus Influenzae Type b)

    ... If you have serious symptoms, like severe breathing problems, call 911 or
    go to a hospital emergency room right away. What Doctors Do. ...