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  • Does the Light From a Phone or Computer Make it Hard to ... for Teens

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Computer-Related Repetitive Stress Injuries for Parents

    Kids often spend hours at the computer. So it's important for parents to know about the causes of repetitive stress injuries and how to prevent them.

  • Vision Facts and Myths for Parents

    Old wives' tales abound about the eyes. From watching TV to eating carrots, here's the lowdown on some vision facts and fiction.

  • Internet Safety for Parents

    The Internet is a wonderful resource, but access to it has its hazards for kids. Here's how to make sure your child surfs the web safely.

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries for Teens

    Repetitive stress injuries happen when too much stress is placed on a part of the body, causing problems like swelling, pain, muscle strain, and tissue damage.

  • Your Online Identity for Kids

    This article is for you if you IM and like to create your own characters in virtual worlds. Find out about your online identity and how to protect it.

  • Ultrasound: Scrotum for Parents

    Doctors order a scrotal ultrasound when they're concerned about symptoms such as scrotal pain or swelling.

  • Ultrasound: Bladder for Parents

    Doctors order bladder ultrasounds when there's a concern about bladder problems, such as difficulty urinating or daytime wetting.

  • How Can I Get My Kids to Be Active Outdoors? for Parents

    Kids parked on the couch watching TV or glued to a computer/smartphone/gaming system are missing out on the great outdoors. It's important for all kids to get outside - here are some ideas.

  • Ultrasound: Abdomen for Parents

    Doctors order abdominal ultrasounds when they're concerned about symptoms such as abdominal pain, repeated vomiting, abnormal liver or kidney function tests, or a swollen belly.

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