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  • Spinal Tap

    ... In a spinal tap, a doctor carefully inserts a needle between the bones
    of the lower spine to collect a sample of this fluid. ...

  • How Do People Get AIDS?

    ... with HIV who shares a needle also shares the virus, which lives in the tiny
    amounts of blood attached to the needle. Sharing needles also can pass ...

  • HIV Testing Resources

    ... other substances (including needles used for injecting steroids, tattooing,
    piercing, and body art). If the person who has used the needle is infected ...

  • Blood Transfusions

    ... A person usually gets a blood transfusion through an intravenous line, a
    tiny tube that is inserted into a vein with a small needle. ...

  • Chemotherapy

    ... Intravenously (IV). A needle is inserted into a vein and the medicine
    flows from an IV bag or bottle into the bloodstream. ...

  • Tattoos

    ... getting a tattoo involves being stuck multiple times with a needle, it can ... that
    all equipment used is disposable (in the case of needles, gloves, masks ...

  • 5 Tips for Surviving Shots

    5 Tips for Surviving Shots.

  • How to Give an Insulin Injection

    ... Push the needle through the rubber top of the bottle. ... Hold the syringe at a
    90-degree angle to the skin, and push the needle all the way in. ...

  • Hemodialysis

    ... These tubes are attached to needles in the person's skin. The needles
    go into a large vein or artery through a vascular access. ...

  • Why Do I Faint After Getting a Shot?

    Why Do I Faint After Getting a Shot?